1. Orthodox

Obeying Church affirms the doctrinal conclusions of all the historic orthodox creeds of the ancient church and considers it heresy any teaching that distorts or denies these core Trinitarian and Christological convictions.

2. Evangelical

Obeying Church affirms the evangelical understanding of the Gospel of God as salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for born-again believers alone, and rejects all works-based false gospels.

3. Dispensational

Obeying Church affirms a dispensational understanding of the church as a pilgrim and missional people with no political or military interest, rejecting thus all forms of Judaizing and thereby politicizing the church.

4. Gospel-centred

Obeying Church affirms the centrality, supremacy, and sufficiency of the gospel, the inerrancy of the Scriptures, and the necessity of regeneration, rejecting all forms of Legalism, Liberalism, and Nominalism.

5. Credobaptistic

Obeying Church affirms the historic credobaptist understanding of church ordinances and upholds the autonomy of local churches that are led by a plurality of elders accountable to the congregation, rejecting thus denominationalism, unregenerate church membership through pedobaptism, and hierarchical church leadership.

6. Pneuma-Centric

Obeying Church affirms the necessity and continuation of all the gifts of the Spirit in the church today, but only those gifts mentioned in and regulated by Holy Scriptures, rejecting thus all forms of Cessationism and Charismania (like the prosperity gospel, word of faith teachings, etc., that have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit).

7. Missional

Obeying Church affirms the biblical mandate to make disciples of all nations, considering missions as an essential part of the DNA of a local church, and that every single believer is called to be actively involved in this global disciple-making mission of the church, through work and witness, rejecting thus all forms of hyper-Calvinism and clericalism.